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I voted that the recipient is SOL.

My guess is most folks wouldn't mind sending another print (at least I wouldn't mind), but I don't think one should be obligated to send another.
I agree with that 100%.

(Still learning new acronyms every day... Had to look up SOL first, then voted for that one, even if only for lack of a better choice.)

Things get lost in the mail. That happens. Bad luck. For the Postcard Exchange, I always print a few spares for such cases. I think most APUGers wouldn't mind sending a print again, but I don't think you should make that obligatory. (For example, if I run out of spare prints, I may not have the opportunity to create some more prints at short notice...)

By the way, Art, your Ode to Polaroid print seems to be lost in the mail... :o (Sorry, I just couldn't resist this reminder... )