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Hi Robert, how did the shoot go for you Down Under? Did you catch up with fellow APUG's? We do have a great country for photos, do doubt about it. Maybe I should break out of the 'cafe scene' a little.

Nice meeting you.

Everything went quite well; I'm always stunned by how beautiful the country is, especially along the coast. However, there are several parts of the country I haven't been to yet, West Australia, Queensland and Tasmania; all on my list of places to go. I had a great time with my friends from Melbourne; we shared a few Coopers at a local pub (it was raining and dark outside). One of the things I love most about Australia (and New Zealand) is how friendly the people are; it's not unusual for me to just stop in some little out of the way roadhouse (like the one in Laver Hill) and just talk to the people working there for a while. I will be back sometime next year.

Unfortunately, it will probably be a few weeks before I can get anything posted from the trip; I have to send all my film to California for processing and scanning.