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Keep in mind the prices Robert listed are LIST PRICES and may be considerably higher than the actual selling prices for these lenses. I have no idea what the actual selling prices will be, but keep in mind the LIST PRICE for the 110mm Super Symmar XL is $3427. Anybody here pay anything close to that much for their 110 XL? I know I sure didn't.

I'm not saying the new Fine Art XXL lenses will be reasonably priced, or even affordable for us working stiffs, but they might not be quite as outrageous as the prices Robert quoted.

That's a good point. Badger Graphics gave a better price for my Super Symmar XL, well below recommended list. There is bound to be an amount of new-product-hype associated with the 'Fine Art XXL', and prices to suit.
Personally I'd find it difficult to justify 10 x the price of a second hand alternative model. Would it really improve your image THAT MUCH??