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I'd love to see a modern 180-210mm lens that covers 8x10 with ample movement. Forget about the ship anchor 210 SS XL, give me a modern Angulon!

Boy, I just can't believe they don't see the market potential for lenses like these. The reality is that almost nobody buying lenses for a camera larger than about 4x5 (or possibly you could push this to 5x7) has any need for anywhere near the sharpness that Schneider is designing into their lenses.

I am planning on discussing this with the Schneider reps at Photo Expo next week, and maybe it will light a spark of thought in their heads that may benefit the LF/ULF community.

Way to go Michael! As you say, perhaps it is a company that has developed their manufacturing processes to such a state, they feel compelled to push ever more complex and refined products out there. Like you I'd be thrilled to find a new simple, compact lens with ample movements and reasonable optics ..... at an Affordable price!
This is the way to grow the market for their products. Not by producing the Rolls Royces that will inhibit any considering entering the world of LF photography.
Of course Schneider have a different reputation to uphold. Perhaps they are leaving market growth to the other lens manufacturers .... or do not feel it is necessary(?)