I introduced you as a speaker for your Sunday morning NECCC “Film is Alive” program, which I really enjoyed. I read with interest your perspective on the conference. Sad but true. Unfortunately, in camera clubs, Photoshop is where it’s at. I too get somewhat annoyed when former darkroom printers say they’ve gone entirely digital and would never go back. Hey, since artificial insemination was developed, does that mean they’ll never go back to sex??? That being said I always enjoy the conference. Over the last 40+ years I’ve been involved in photography and the 20 odd years I’ve worked at the conference I’ve seen a lot of changes. One thing remains the same however, and that is the wonderful people. I was glad to read that your overall impression of how the event was handled was positive. It takes a lot of volunteers and a lot of hours to put it all together.
Ironically the digital technology that threatens analog photography may be the same technology that brings together those of us who are interested in the enjoyment and exploration of all the traditional methods. Web sites, blogs and email can only be a plus for those who enjoy the total picture in the craft of photography (pun intended).
Incidentally I know Susan very well, and although she is not a co chairman for next years conference she still wields a very big stick. If you’re interested in doing a “how to” workshop I’ll talk to her about it. Personally I’d like to see one on the wet plate process but give it some thought and I’ll mention it to Susan.

Best Regards

PS: Sorry I missed you at the party. My room was just down the hall but I hit the sack at 11:00. Sounds like you could have used another film person there.