Well, so far, in all of the things I have purchased from KEH, only one thing surprised me. That was a split nylon bearing or friction sliding surface for one end of a bellows. I will find something else with a similar bearing for the coming repair.


Most of the things I have purchased through e-Bay have been disappointing. The shipping charges for many of them have been toward the direction of excessive. I am running about 50 % in purchasing things that are truly useful upon receipt. Most of what I have bought on e-bay was done knowing that there is a high probability that it will be a parts source for me. All other purchases have needed some repair to restore to full functionality. These have all been items that were purchased from individuals, not shops with an "e-Bay on-line store." KEH has been much better for me.

How many things were in the "all of the things I have purchased from KEH?" Let me put it this way. Last December, KEH sent to me a Christmas card.


Ralph Javins