"Ideally, I would not "look for pictures" but would stay in a meditative state, remain open, not be critical and allow the image to find me. I never felt it worked for me then, but it does now quite often."

My best images are usually created in this way. It is why I prefer to photograph alone and with no external time restraints to distract me. Nor am I troubled by occasionally not getting an image. It is the "seeing" that is important -- otherwise there would be never be an image to capture with the camera.

Thank you for the notes, Larry. Good information. I assisted at many Friends of Photography down in Carmel/Pebble Beach in the 80s and early 90's...discussions until 2am or later, and then 6am field trips to photograph were common. Four hours of sleep was plenty...but then I was a young buck in my 30's back then!LOL! Usually it was just us assistants and some of the participants that kept such hours. Lots of energy and good times.


PS...I think the most demanding teacher I ever came across in a workshop was Morley Baer.