Check out the Minolta 7sII.

Great little camera in any of it's incarnations - I think Vivitar put out the same camera under its name and there is at least one other I think.

It's a tight little camera. Well made w/ A Priority and Manual settings. The flash on this little fellow is phenomenal with the appropriate Minolta flash - which can be had for $25 or so. These cameras are usually in good shape when you can find them and if not, there are plenty of good repairmen around who don't charge much to make them good as new.

I took one to Disney World a few years ago and shot the entire vacation with it. You can't tell the difference between those shots and ones I shot a few years later with a Leica M3 / M5 and CLE using a DR 'Cron 50mm/f2, Leica 90mm, f/4 and a Rokkor 28mm. Great lens on a great little body.

And no respectable theif would steal it - unless he knew his 70's era Minolta RF's.

Jeff M