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Minor and students also worked on a book, an unpublished manuscript, of his image making and viewing meditative 'techniques'. Two volumes, probably 3-400 pages! Probably sitting in the White archives, I believe at Princeton. V. unlikely it'll ever see publication, but a very interesting read.

There are copies around. I don't think any of them are complete. I've seen about 50 pages of it. I'm sure you are right; it'll never see the light of day except, perhaps, in interpreted form through further work of those who were involved or who have had access to it. What I saw was pretty rough. Minor mentioned working on this book in his last letter to me which was posted in April, 1976, two months prior to his passing. I was unaware that his students were involved in the writing, but, consistent with his methods, they certainly were involved in the research. As I recall, it was based on experiments with viewing images by a group of subjects. I was also unaware that it was so massive; I thought the small amount I saw was what there was.