I did recieve your photos last week. Had 4 grandchildren in the house, and didn't really take time to appreciate them until now (it's much quieter). Of the two my favorite is "Nude Photographing Nude". I love the peekaboo through the leaves.

Monty, I recieved your prints as well. 20x24! My goodness! It's hard to imagine the camera. Not only that but a bonus print as well! They are both amazing, but my favorite is the one of the Japanese gardens.

I really enjoyed getting contact prints of other formats. Some day I'd like something bigger than a 4x5, so it's nice to see a few to the possibilities - from Diane 5x12 and 6 1/2 x 8 1/2, and from Monty 7x17 and 20x24.

A big thanks to you both. Lillian