I already introduced myself on the dutch part off apug but decided to say hi here as well. My name is Peter I am 35 years old and live in Maastricht the netherlands.
I recently bought myself a Cambo 8x10 technical camera which I thought, when I saw the ad on the internet, was a 4x5 camera. That part of info was not supplied. It is nice to have a choice between three format however.

Now I am in the process of buying some extra stuff. Filmholder 8x10 and 4x5. Film and also a polaroid holder 4x5 and some film to start experimenting with it.

Not really sure what I can do with it yet but I would like to give portraits a try and have a go at product photography. The last seems like a good way to make some money with it. But I have no idea so I'll keep hobbying for now and so what comes up next.