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You hit the nail on the head- it is all about the glass and if one is going to buy budget glass then don't couple it to a Leica M camera, you are wasting your money. There is nothing at all wrong with Voigtlander bodies and optics, what are the alternatives for someone buying into rangefinder on a budget?
Why is that so? You can buy a new R2 or R3 for 570€ or a used M4, -2, -P for around 650-700€. Someone here noted that the Leica would keep its value but you'd loose money on the Cosina Voigtlander. So I reason that the Leica M4 vould be the financially best "investment". If I lack the funds to buy a used Leica 35mm, >800€? I could start out with a CV35mm f/2,5 for 330€
Thats a total of approx 980€ most of which I should be able to get back when/if selling the M4. I have no experience in RF's whatsoever but if I where looking to get into them thats about how Ill do it. If it catches I would get the Leitz lenses.
BTW aren't the CV lenses quite good?

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I think, from what you feel you require, I would look for a mint condition SLR- Nikon FM3a and stick some good Nikkor glass onto it. it is about the same size but lighter than an M7 and, unlike Voigtlander, you will not loose on your investment
Very true but if the OP wants to get into the RF world an SLR wont quite do it for him
But if one should follow up on your suggestion Id say get some Zeiss glass for the Nikon.
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