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I'd love to see a modern 180-210mm lens that covers 8x10 with ample movement. Forget about the ship anchor 210 SS XL, give me a modern Angulon!


After Cooke introduced their new portrait lens, I had a very long email exchange with Barbara Lowry about the possibilities of a modern update of the Cooke Series VIIb - multicoated and in Copal shutters. I'd love to have a multicoated 158mm Series VIIc in a Copal NO. 1 shutter for my 4x10 camera.

I do agree that there is a big void in the 180mm range for 8x10. It seems really odd to me given the popularity of the 90mm focal length on 4x5. And at 180mm, you don't need enormous angular coverage for most 8x10 applications. I would think 90 - 95 degree coverage (360 - 393mm image circle) would be usable for many landscape situations. By keeping the coverage reasonable and not going for 120 degrees, the size, weight and cost of the lens could be reasonable. This is where a modern update of some of the classic designs (wide field guass, for example) could really shine.