This is a great site I came across.

I have been a 35mm user since my first camera - a Pentax ME given to me for my 12th birthday. Many cameras later; last year I bought my first Hassey - a yellow 503CW. WOW! What a gorgeous camera. I haven't been able to put this feat of engineering down.

I find it forces me to go through the process of taking a picture - letting the creative juices flow - so to speak. I am discovering that this act appeals to me greatly.

So where am I going with this?

I feel the medium format is a dying breed, despite my personal rejuvenation. Everyone is going digital (for the worse in my opinion) and even Hassey went that way with their new H1. Unfortunately, the only saving grace for the medium format may be significantly less expensive digital backs. Currently at the $12-$20k range and at only 6 mpixels they are priced in the stupid area. If MF digital backs were less expensive, I think more people will go MF and in turn the format itself will live.

What do you all think?