It feels kinda rude to make posts without having introduced myself, so...

I just moved from San Diego to Ramona, CA. I'm still in San Diego County but am happily living in the country now. There's nothing quite like the perfume of "Eau De Cow" on a foggy summer morning to make you thankful you're no longer living in suburbia. It's much more photogenic up here too!!! Never at a loss for subject matter.

I primarily shoot with a Canham 8x10 but sometimes switch to the 4x5 back. I only have a couple of lenses that I use and they're nothing special, bordering on "I can't believe you're using that!" but they will have to do for now and besides, I have crazy mad skills with a 000 spotting brush.

I just finished building a brand new darkroom (my husband insisted that we had to build a house to go with it - so we did) that I hope to start using next week. There are still a couple of details to take care of and I'm sure I'll have some fine tuning to do along the way. I'll post some pictures when it's all ready. Now that the house project is done I am hoping to save some money for some nicer glass.

My film of choice is Ilford HP5 and before I had to give up my last darkroom, 14 months ago, I had just started to use rollo pyro in my JOBO. I love making platinum prints, which is why I moved up to 8x10 in the first place, and I can't wait to get back to it! My biggest fear is that I will have forgotten what to do once I get back into the darkroom. APUG is an amazing wealth of information and I'll try not to make a pest of myself with questions.

My real website blew up last year and I haven't bothered, YET, to rebuild it. Right now I'm just having everything forwarded to my commerce site but I hope to have the "fine art" site back up in the next few months. At least for now I can still have a few images on the other site.

Guess that's it, except to say I'm really glad to now be a part of this site.