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I have some small holes to cover. Is gaffer tape good for this? I have been told that it is not a very light tight tape, but it looks like it to me.
I'd be very leery about it. Adhesives turn to gummygooslime after awhile, even if it is light tight. I would suggest getting a tube of E6000, which is made by eclectic products in Eugene, OR and comes in black (also clear, but who needs that?). I use it to fix everything photographic. I use it for camera building projects, too.

If the holes aren't small, though, it wouldn't work, although I think you could glue some black stuff on with it. Much better than tape.

Just a tiny bit of E6000 applied by the end of a toothpick ought to do it. It is somewhat flexible; kind of a rubber stuff, although I suppose it's not real rubber. I use it to fix the Patterson developing tanks when the students break them. After they are fixed, they are better than new because the E6000 is resilient; the tanks bounce better when dropped.

Oh yes (added) it is not going to be in MOST hardware stores but some have it. If you have trouble finding it, email eclectic and they'll tell you who has it in your region.