Thank you all for the warm welcome!
A few thoughts:
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I've always been told that size doesn't matter, ..
Yeah, it's not so much the size thing as it is the tilting and swinging.
Gene, if you're going to be anywhere near the San Diego area and want to shoot or even just grab some coffee let me know. If you need to use the darkroom, it's all yours.
Barry, my lenses aren't really bad, I just have a terrible case of lens envy. I have some friends on this list (who apparently are going to pretend they don't know me) that have more cameras and lenses than any one person should ever be allowed to have. I have a Caltar Pro Series 300mm and a Nikkor M 450mm.
I have a deep affinity for all things Canadian (someone has to... JK, really!!!). My husband has a gazillion Canadian cousins and there always seem to be several down here on holiday. I love them all!
Daniel, sorry you aren't here anymore. As you know, the last two fires hit Ramona really hard. I evacuated for the last one but I'm staying put in the future.

So, anyway, nice to meet you all! Thanks again for allowing me to come and play.