Medium format is not dying. Don't believe all the hype. Not everyone is going digital. If anything, many people are going back to film because they know what looks good, and got a huge letdown when they jumped to digital. Don't believe the jacked up tests in the magazines either. Sure if you shoot a picture and then scan/print in on junk "consumer grade" equipment, then digital looks better. That's just what they do, to skew the results in favor of their advertisers and sponsors. Film is cheaper to shoot and print and looks better. If you want different "response curves" use a different film. Even professionals are starting to realize digital is not the gravy train they envisioned. Instead of taking pictures and dropping the film off at their lab. they are up in the wee hours of the morning Photoshopping, and not getting paid for that time - time they might have been shooting other projects. Medium format, small format, and large format don't need digital to survive. The bottom line is, why spend as you say, stupid money for a bad to mediocre picture, when an entire roll of film still only costs chump change and gives better, more flexible results??? The other thing to worry about is, after you pay the huge prices to get in, you can expect to pay that and more every few years, thanks to planned obsolescence.