I don't know the Bronica in particular, so maybe the camera might or might not work in this application, but a good general solution is to use the rollfilm camera on one end of a view camera and the lens on the other end - using lensboards as adaptors. The camera ends up being a glorified rollholder with a reflex viewer.

I have seen Sinar adaptors to fit Pentax 67 and Hasselblads to the back of Sinars, and also to fit various lenses to the front. At a minimum, you give up all automation with this approach, but you get tons of movements and solidity. Check www.glennview.com/sinar.htm almost all the way down the page to a Pentax 67 adaptor.

A cheap used / damaged teleconverter or extension tube is a good source to reuse for the camera / lens mounts.