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What I mean is, go back to the origins of the optics industry, and bring out some small, multicoated lenses in modern shutters that have very wide coverage specifications, something like the Hypergon or WA Dagor, which they still have the rights to I presume. Optical designs like the old Pantogon and the Boyer WA and even the old Angulon lenses could all be modified into exceptional ULF and pictorial (read: non-industry, non-copywork) lenses for cameras from about 5x7 on up. (Yes, I know the Pantogon is a Rodenstock design, but you get my point)

These things would be small, light portable, and of quite simple optical design (with the exception of the Hypergon, I suppose), and could be sold at a price that would be reachable by the average LF/ULF shooter.

They could just about corner the market if they reintroduced a line of Angulon or Dagor lenses that met all the needs of the contact printers out there, and the potential market would be at least 10,000x the potential for the XXL lenses.

Michael, given that the application of these lenses is 99.99 % contact printing you certainly have a point there. A maximum resolution in the vicinity of 10-15 lp/mm, but with high contrast, is all that is needed.

I'd like to point out though that the 550mm actually IS a Wide Angle Dagor type, at least judging from the lens diagram shown in the specs, and the 1100mm is an Artar type. Both have been around for 100 years or more. So designwise (as a starting point) they did what you suggested.