Hi, Geary and thanks for the kind words and welcome! I registered for the forum on Sunday and wrote a long message and it got erased in the process of my trying to create and upload an avatar. So much for multi-tasking!

I really enjoyed the get together since I rarely meet photographers as interested in process and vision as this group and that is something I sorely miss. But, also, it was wonderful to get to see the world through the eyes of each photographer who shared work and hear a bit about how they achieve their results.

I still wish I could see Caroline's crowd photos and I went on Sunday to see Kevin's posted China pictures. Really fascinating to put the photography with the photographer once you've met him or her.

I look forward to the Mare Island trip and hope to see some of you there. (I know we'll see you, Will! Graham also enjoyed this get together for similar reasons to mine but also because most of you share his love of medium and large format monochromes!

Thanks for being open to seeing my digital work - I'll bring analog work to any future events! I can still work with analog cameras at home where I have several tripods and of course my 'studio' set ups (if you could see them, you'd understand the single quotes). If I have a stimulating group of photographers to share the results with, I may be inspired to do more.