Mateo: If you see this, and are in the least bit inclined, I wonder if you might do me a favor... there is an exhibit of Day of the Dead altars at the Steinbeck Center and I can't make it down there before it closes (November 2nd). I was wondering if you would pick me up any available handouts they provide with pictures. I am hosting a Day of the Dead mail art show and would also welcome anything you photographed to do with the theme.

Mail art is one of those random acts of kindness concepts - all you get out of it is your name shared with other artists who participate and paper documentation of the results. In my case, I also put up online galleries of mail art shows I host (see where we maintain the show which we did in connection with our marriage in 1999 - Euphemisms for Marriage). But, I'm trying to get more photographers into mail art - we are woefully under-represented. The most common piece of mail art is a post card.

I've been part of what mail artists call 'the eternal network' since the 70's and I've met hundreds of artists from around the world through participating in shows and, in the past few years, online forums. It used to be strictly snail mail and that's still where the shows 'occur' but online posting of calls has lowered the cost and expanded the concept to reach more people.

Anyone interested in the mail art call can read more about it at my website, the second URL below my name below.