Luckily, Wrigley Field should last for a long time. Wrigley Field is perhaps the most valuable part of the whole Cubs franchise. The Cubs and Wrigley are on the market right now, and bidders are competing to pay about $1 billion for the package. I don't think it will be named Wrigley Field much longer, however; whoever buys it likely will sell the naming rights.

Bill, I love your Tiger Stadium shots. My husband is from Detroit, and I made him take me to a game back in the '90s when we were visiting. Having grown up going to Wrigley, I had to see a game at Tiger Stadium. It was awesome. Your pictures capture something so poignant and haunting about it. Even before it was torn down, it felt forlorn, sitting there all run down in that empty neighborhood, echoing with the past. Your pictures bear witness to that, for me. They are just beautiful.