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Thank you all for the answers!
So, gaffer tape is the 'good' one for temporarily work and the duct tape is like more permanent. But how to make the difference if they come both in black and cloth like? This is how one can find them in the do it you self market's, like the Pattex ore 3M brands.


If you want Gaffer's tape, you will need to go to an "industrial strength" photo equipment dealer, somebody who sells lighting equipment. It isn't going to be found in the "do it yourself" marketplace.

Don't even think of duct tape. Really, it is nasty stuff. Whiteymorange's suggestion of bookbinder's tape is better, a good acrylic black paint or E6000 would be good. I don't know about liquid electrician's tape, but it sounds sort of like E6000. That would probably be good, too. I wouldn't use 3m photo tape for anything permanent that will need to flex repeatedly. It lasts a long time if it's just stuck down, but I doubt it would hold up well if it was bent time after time, as it would be on a bellows.

Good luck.