Drew, you got what I think is the most intriguing building in the whole Shaker complex! Some of Ted's shots of it are lined up so that you see straight through the windows to what lies beyond the opposite wall (he must have been standing on the car to get them!).

Your note gives me the opportunity to ask the folks here in New England if they would come visit our place in Enfield again to see and inspect the equipment for sale from his collection, and buy what they can use. It has to be sold, and I'm thinking of doing a weekend "open house" for the purpose, sometime in late August or early September, after I put the list "out there" in the next 2-3 weeks or so.

I know Ted would be happy knowing that his New England colleagues had the chance to see and consider buying it and putting it back into use... and he was always happy having people here talking about photography, so somehow this feels fitting and useful all the way around.

Any thoughts, Drew or others among our New England friends?