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Thanks everyone for your comments. My problem is that I really like the PanF+ pulled + Perceptol combination because of the superior fine grain that is achieved but I am have a terrible time with contrast, as in not enough. I am currently working on a series of shot on abandoned farmhouses, so I am indoors with natural light, at 25 ISO, leading to 15-30 second exposure times as a norm. I think I am going to have to follow Thomas' suggestion and determine in a more accurate fashion what it is that will work for my project. I know I could go with a faster film to increase the contrast but I was hoping to do the project all with the same film/developer. That might just be an unrealistic expectation.
PanF+ is not known as a film with very wide exposure or development latitude. That means it can be more difficult to achieve acceptable results by guesswork than with other films. If you want to continue using PanF+ it could be helpful to at least test for your own EI. If you give more exposure and less development you are always reducing contrast.

If it's the fine grain you like try Delta 100 or TMax 100. Perhaps start with the box speed and recommended development times. If you then want a little more shadow detail reduce the speed. If you want more contrast increase your developing time.