Thank you all for the advice.
I have looked the Lotus frames, and as you both say they aren’t cheap, that’s not to say that they are over priced. Considering the limited market and the work required to produce them I accept the prices quoted as reasonable. I’ve also checked out those advertised by B & S and others in the USA, the problem, Vaugn is the shipping costs quoted from the USA almost doubles the price of the product, that coupled with the possibility of being caught for another 25% in duties here rather puts me off using American dealers. Having said that I have just ordered a renovated 10x8 frame via eBay from America.
Barry that’s an extremely generous offer that I may take you up on later. For the moment I just want to try our a few processes, if I find them as absorbing as I think I might, then I will invest in better equipment as it is required.