Foca Universal. Not quite top of their line, I guess
But it's the lenses that count.

I see some Willy Ronis photographs and they look nice but then the photos are what's nice
Lens/es do look pretty capable, though. Maybe not super sharp but then perhaps scale focused
Nice ethereal quality to em.

Anyone ever use one of these? Quality cameras they all say.

I finally took some Retina rolls to get developed at Wal-Mart
50 f2 Xenon
Did a comparison with 50 1.8 Zuiko and Hi-Matic 7s 45 f1.8 Rokkor on same roll

Rokkor is very nice
Xenon while not quite as sharp or contrasty as the other 2 is still damn sharp ...especially at closer focus, it seems. Not missing anything! It "glows/bleeds/flares" a bit in the highlights, too. Not quite as Summar "retro" as I had hoped but perhaps with other subject material.

Rangefinder is dim.. not very contrasty. It will see a lot of use, though.