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What's interesting is that it seems to be younger members (20-30) who are most active in the darkroom. A facility we have that seems to get very use now is our scanning room (film and flatbed scanners), probaly because the slide shooters have all bought dslr's.
That is an interesting observation. I have seen a similar thing recently. In March my partner and I had the pleasure of working for 5 days with 5 of her students in Death Valley. Young men aged 15-18! They all came armed with decent digital cameras and used them, but what amused me was how they would lay claim to (and then monopolize) one of the 4x5s or a 120, especially once we were in location for the sunrise or sunset. They knew how to use them and the work that I've seen from the trip is pretty darn good.

There's hope in the younger generation!