The 1 to 8 are for 6x9 images. There is a short dark slide that came with the adapt-a-roll that would mask for 6x6 images, making useful the 1-11 numbering system. After loading the film and advancing it quite slowly, just until the tape holding the film to the backing paper becomes visible in the little slot you've opened (by pulling the dark slide back a bit) you close the slide, set the counter to the red mark that is offset from the red number 1 and advance the film through (I think) 5 more clicks. This should leave the counter at the red 1 and the film just right for your first shot.

Try the entire process with a sacrificial roll, one that has been ruined or exposed already. I keep really old or cheap color film rolls I get from grab-bag auction bids for just this purpose.

I'll try to find and scan the instruction booklet for you if you'd like - just PM me with an email address.