Your logic amazes me. These are well tried and tested Kodak Formulae, the fact that you might not be able to get good results using them is another issue entirely.

The first developer is fairly standard for use with B&W Reversal of stills and Cine film, as are the bleach and clearing bath.

So lets look forward to any revelations or insights there may be in the new Anchell book.

One thing you seem to forget is that B&W reversal processing has been around a long time, plenty of very good reliable information is available from a very wide variety of sources. There are still labs around capable of extremely high quality B&W reversal processing of Cine film, and in the past there were an awful lot more. Some of these labs would typically have been processing as much film per day as you probably process in a month or even possibly year. So what makes you think you or your dr5 process is any better than others.