Hello everyone,

I have been reading some of the things you've got here and I can tell you already that you've achieved a good community, informative and made by professional individuals. I am still a bit lost in here being this my first day among this community, but I'll fit just fine within time and devotion over it.
I can yet add a small information about me:

My name is Dan and I am 19 years old. I do not work (yet) as a Photographer, but I will soon enough, or as soon as I move to London which is to happen at 1st October. I have learned many things on my own and some others in this school I was where they taught cinema, sound and photography. I have then created my own style and formulas. (What else?) Ah, I use a regular camera, not too expensive as I am yet young therefore paying for the bills of living on my own and other stuff of that nature makes it harder to save up some money to buy a better camera. I use the 400TX film and develop it with Rodinal. I also force its exposure to be at 800 ISO instead of following the initial 400 ISO. (...)

This "Hello" is eventually extending its limits so I'll save up some information for later.

Sincerely yours,