"Wouldn't it be neat if you found a magazine that did say...this product is crap!?"

Now that would be a refreshing change. I am just so tired of this "film is dead' everywhere I turn. People, all of you, this is a place to hang out, have fun, and talk about film and such. It is not to convince us that we have to repent and convert, just so Madison Avenue suits can line their pockets every so often at our expense, to replace what was the newest greatest best just last year, at $20K a pop. I don't want to play that game and will quit photography completely first. Some of us came here to get away from "digitalitis" and all its Resistance Is Futile arguments. I've made my own comparisons between traditional and digital prints of many sizes, and digital doesn't do it for me. It's pixelated, posterized, aliased, jaggied, oversaturated, overmanipulated, and I just don't like it. It looks fake. Too many of the "art" pictures used to promote it are just garbage. The sensors are by and large, very poor. No dynamic range, too small, too noisy, blown out highlights, too little latitude, etc etc etc. Even if I liked it, it is far too expensive for what it is worth to me. For the price of the better backs (Leaf, etc), I can buy a gang of Deardorffs and more film than I could live to use up. Maybe I speak for others, maybe I don't, I don't really care. I didn't start out anti-digital. But getting the same message over and over, at every turn, and sometimes being talked down to by someone who started last month and is helpless without auto-everything made me that way. As far as Reichman, he takes lots of pictures and probably makes good money; there's nothing wrong with that. But come on, how objective are you going to be when all that free equipment is supplied by your sponsor / employer? You can't say it isn't as good/better than, or you get fired. Other than a few pictures, his site is really just a multipage Canon advertisement. If the equipment is so great, why on earth does he keep changing and replacing it? Oh. I forgot. It's because he doesn't have to pay for any of it himself. Sorry about the sarcastic tone, but I came here to get away from digital.