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why not buy a Spotmatic? A great oldie adn plenty to be found. Many have been rebuilt and will last another 30 years with a little care.
Nice thing about Spotties is that they can be had fairly cheaply, and depending on how carefully you shop, decent lenses (SMC Taks for instance) can be had cheaply as well with certain exceptions. This summer, my walk-around kit was a messenger bag stuffed with Spottie with a SMC Tak 50/1.4, Fuji 28/3.5, 100/2.8, and a Luna Pro all puchased used. I certainly wouldn't want that kit trashed or stolen, but the total expense was small enough that I'd not cry for too long if it were.

Today I won an auction for a fourth SMC Tak 50/1.4. You might guess I like this normal.

Sorry to ramble about kit.