canīt find the manual, it must be somewhere in my bedroom.

Mine has a Color Apotar, too, looks like 4 element lens with MC - I know it was the mid-level lens type for that series of cameras. Your shutter speed range sound like mid-level, too, the top leage had EV coupling and my Pronto ranges only in B/50/100/200 - it is the basic shutter.

Focussing isnīt that difficult. First I am used to metrics (,->), second I learned how to guess with my Minox 35GTX which isnīt actually that different...

Sit down in your living room and guess the distances from your position to certain items - the couch, the TV set, the bird cage in the corner. Then measure it. Or use an SLR with a tele lens to measure it.

Do that whereever you are and you get a good feeling for close distances.

Or... if you are lazy - get an external Rangefinder like the soviet Blik or the german Watameter. I usually have one with me when I go out with my ancient 6x9 folders.