I really doubt that medium format is dead... but, if anyone should want to "knuckle under" to the latest hype, I am always ready to accept free donations. If someone has an extra Hasselblad Arc Body or two that they don't want cluttering up their studio... or extension tubes, bellows - Softar filters....

What has been going on in the Commercial studios, with the exception of some of the "captive - Funding Unlimited" areas is "Capture on film, scan to digital ... and go on from there.

The COST of digital backs, humungously LARGE PCs with tons of RAM, excruciatingly expensive printers -- is a tremendously important factor, especially considering the fact that all of it will probably follow the pattern of the usual PC - they will be obsolete before you can push the shopping cart out of the door.

I use Hasselblads - not for the"snottiness" value, but simply for the fact that Hasselblad has, and if they have any sense they will continue to, avoid making their equipmet with the idea of planned obsolence. Hasselblad lenses made in the `60's will WORK on the cameras made today.

Digital Back technology has improved. The lastest ad I got in the mail described a whiz-bang back capable of capturing 104 Megabyte (no typo - 104MB) files. Those files will, no doubt, be capable of producing images with quality comparable to what I can do with the 'Blad, film and my Omega D5500 Enlarger. Unless I am 'way off on my math, the average CD-R disk can save ~ 700MB. That means ~ 6 whiz-bang images per CD. I save twelve images on one roll of 120 film.

Add to that one anomally I am experiencing here - so far I have LOST all the images I have written to two CD-R , and one CD-RW disks. I have tried *everything* here to restore these images with NO success. My next shot would be to send the screwed-up CDs to a commercail restoration lab - for $90 each - which just won't happen.

So ... I'll continue to "limp" along with outmoded technology. [Sacastic Key ON] Yeh - outmoded.

Someday - when I win one of those $200 million lotteries, I'll build a Studio/ Teaching Facility with dualism - both Film Cameras and Chemical Processors - and Digital Cameras and Great Big Whumping computers.

When I do, I will not expect the vision and skills needed to produce really Fine Art, or "Fine" images of any stripe, to be one whit different in either area.

My opinions - your mileage may vary.