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Thanks, friend. I thought it might be worth a lot more. I seem to recall that baout 20 years ago I saw one in a specialist vintage camera shop near the British Museum in London and I was amazed at the time at the price beng asked. I didn't have one then and wasn't particularly interested so I didn't make a firm mental note of the price but it seems it was something like 200 plus. Is my memory playing tricks? I thought rarity value was the reason for the price. PS KNow any two fanatics I can entice into a biddng war?
As a guide, I recently sold this:
which I would have graded conservatively Exc+ (perfect except for two small scuffs on the side of the body). What I got for this was around half of what I paid two years previously. Prices of all collectors' items except for the absolute blue-chip specimens seem to have gone down, one problem with old finders is that they usually have a plain metal rim at the rear - this means that anyone old and aflluent enough to think of buying these will in fact not do so for fear of scratching their eyeglasses!