2 years ago I took a set of pictures in the London tube, Canary Wharf station.

I scanned two of these with my universities LS2000:

The actual negatives are tack sharp - which made me chuckle, it was freehand at 1/8s or 1/15s with a soviet FED5 and a Heliar 4,5/15 on dirt-cheap film,something called "Polypan F" shot at 50ASA and developed in ID11 without actual testing. No wall, no tripod nothing. The weight of the FED saved the shot... but the lens mounted misaligned, resulting in vignetting in upper left and lower right.

Somehow I like the images.


The contrast is extreme - from the dark unlit cavern of the subway to the bright june sky outside. I repeatedly failed to print the negatives, either the dome is blank or the shadows are just black.

But the "information" is in the film, there is texture in both shadows and lights... how can I handle them?

Tonight I started fiddling around with a pre-flash technique - but it didn´t actully solve it. And I don´t plan to mess around with masking techniques.


Whatever - Thanks! :-)