With Round 2 coming to an end there seems to be enough interest for Round 3 to take place during the holidays.

Since there will probably be several who would not like to participate during this busy time of the year I am not going to carry over anyone from Round 2

If you would like to join in on this round you will need to sign up again by posting a reply to this thread.

For details on how the exchange works please see the threads from Round 1&2



We can shoot for prints to be in the mail by the last week of December.

A word of caution.............
I appears that there might be a couple of members who received prints in the last exchange that have no intention of sending their prints out.

All in all I believe that most members are honest and have no intention of "cheating" anyone. But please be aware that with something like this there is always a slight chance that someone will try to pull a fast one and never send out their prints.

Could you please "Sticky" this thread and "Un-Sticky" the Round 2 thread?

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the last 2 exchanges and made them so much fun!