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Ok let me put the question another way. If I wanted the best possible image resolution and sharpness from 35mm film, which 35mm film camera and lenses would you recommend and why.
Well, I'm pretty sure that the current Leica 50mm f1.4 is the same design on both the RF and SLR mounts, so you could take your pick with either system. I personally would (and have before, and will again) go for a Leica M system, the lenses are all as good as it gets. I like to shoot wide open, and they are a revelation... Of course, if you can't focus accurately with the RF, or you can't focus at all (macro for example) it doesn't really matter how good the lenses are. In any case, use a tripod and shoot at the "optimum" aperture of a modern non-zoom lens and you are going to have some trouble telling lenses apart unless you really blow the images way up with super fine grain film.

I suggest the current Leica 50mm f1.4, shot at f4, on tmax 100 or Delta 100 developed in a high sharpness developer like Rodinal, one of the pyro developers, or Buetler's (or DR5), focused at infinity, on a tripod, with a shutter release for the optimum sharpness/resolution available in 35mm. Not sure if anyone would be able to tell it apart from another good 50mm lens set up the same way, but that combination will get you as good as you can get in 35mm... Of course the easier way to get better resolution (and save some money) is to go up in format size...