I've seen people shoot with leica rangefinders that (I felt) my contax slr has out-performed and I've paid half the price. I also like having the option of really good bokea from my 35 f1.4, 50 f1.4 and 100 f2 along with the fact that you can use extension tubes to take macro or vignette photos of needed. The versatility is always there and even though these are high-end ziess lenses, they're still half the price. It depends how well you use them. If you're thinking of doing more landscape-type stuff you can always consider a higher format, but it will obviously be heavier.
What it boils down to (I think) is budget, what you're willing to carry and your style. If I were 45 and had back problems and liked to shoot 5x7 prints for albums I'd go with a rangefinder. However, I love to experiment, I'm 24, semi-strong, have the stamina to lug lots of stuff around, do all my developing and printing myself, shoot all kinds of things with all different styles and make all sizes of prints. Although, if I had the money, I'd buy a rangefinder in a second for the convenience when it's needed.
I dunno if this helps at all. It felt more like a rambling than an informative statement.