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Not anymore in the US. Even the lye base drain openers are mostly gone. Can't even buy dilute sulfuric battery acid in the automotive parts stores. I assume I might be able to get sulfuric from the single photo store in town that still carries a good supply of chemicals, but I'm not sure. The damn government has taken most all the good chemicals away from us lately.

Sorry for the rant.
It was only yesterday that I discovered that Red Devil Lye is gone-ola by several years. About the time I bought my last.

After a lot of internet searching I found the Lowe's has a 2 lb can of Roebic Crystal drain cleaner (IIRC) for $8.

You might be able to get battery acid still from NAPA.

You can also get weaker sulfuric acid from sodium bisulfate, aka pool pH decreaser. $6 for 3 lbs, typically. I use it for stop bath. And the pool.