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Ok let me put the question another way. If I wanted the best possible image resolution and sharpness from 35mm film, which 35mm film camera and lenses would you recommend and why.
It is ALL up to the Operator.

Your eye is more important than your gear, Edw. Weston proved that decades ago. I'd lean toward new Leica rfdr stuff myself, but stopping down to f/8 or f/11 will tend to throw away the advantages you've just paid thousands of pounds to acquire. Stop down to f/16, and it really doesn't matter what you use, diffraction is killing the image anyway.

Developers and immaculate technique are important, and then there is the enlarger. A great enlarger and poor camera always makes better images than a bad enlarger and perfect camera.

What are you using ? What works well for you ? Have you wrung all the potential from it ? Or are you looking for magic ?