I need to pick up a flash for my cameras and I'm a little lost having been out of photgraphy for a dozen years. I have two cameras that I'll be using it with. A Mamyia 645 1000s and a Canon AT1. I have "pistol" grips for both cameras (the 645 is the power winder).

My last flash unit was a Vivitar 283 that no longer works. What I didn't like about that was it was almosts too powerfull. It had very pronounced shadows that I found distracting. I'll be using this primarily for candid shots and maybe a few portraits. The venues will be small rooms, not studio.

My questions:

1) Should I look for a replacement for the 283 or maybe something less powerfull?

2) The 283 is still available, but is there something brands models I should consider rather than the Vivitar?

3) What about reflectors, would they help reduce shadows and maybe produce a less stark result? If so are there add-ons or flash specific devices?

Thanks for you help