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I'm a bit surprised "street" as we know it gets shown in Canada at all now. In Manitoba and Quebec (at least) you can *take* pictures of people in public places but showing them or selling prints requires the explicit consent of anyone identifiable in the picture (the Manitoba privacy legislation uses the slightly ambiguous phrase "for gain" as a determinant, which I'm assuming includes financial gain of any sort).

I would expect other provinces to follow suit in the not-too-distant future.

I live in Quebec, and from what I know, the law is more specific (remeber we are not on canadian common law). Actually, you don't have the right to sell or publish a picture of a person if the image can cause harm to his/her reputation. Otherwise, a person in a public place is not protected from photographers...

Here how this law become true: a couple years ago, a newspaper ĞLa Presseğ was doing a study about obesity. A photographer took a picture or a rather big woman eating a hamburger on the street. However, the women complaned because a lot of persons were making fun of her after seeing the pricture. She went in court and won.

I don't know about Manitoba, but, if I am not wrong, it is ok in Quebec to show or sell street photo if the pics cannot cause harm.