I have used and processed a lot of 120 TP over the past few years. Having looked at your website, I think you will be unsatisfied with any developer other than Technidol, and possibly with that as well. I have many outstanding prints made with this combination in both 35 and 120, but of late, I have experienced uneven development using Technidol in large expanses of middle grey tone (i.e., skies). This is all but invisible on otherwise stunning negatives, but always prints into the sky. Testing other developers, I found Rodinal 1:100 -> 1:200 was way too much contrast, while 1:300 produced similar, but not identical tonalities, and insufficient shadow detail. PF's TP developer was just "weird". I am still unsure whether this is a developer or an emulsion problem. Use 2 packets (16oz) of Technidol 9 min. at 20c. It can (and should - some of my very best were processed with re-used developer?!?) be saved to process a second roll (within a day) giving an additional minute. As always call Kodak's support line to confirm procedure, but they will only parrot the Technical Bulletins already published, and those are the procedures I follow.