As I'm another Californian (So Cal-Riverside) I wonder if you went to the Sanders show at the Getty...still up through August I believe..
I just went Saturday
Unfortunatly I don't live in SoCal. I wish I did, but I don't. I'm from the Central Valley in a city called Fresno. It would have been great to go to a Sanders show though.

my son i 5 1/2 jear old and asks me for his first camera. he also helps me in the darkroom. oh im so proud :-).
I have a younger brother who's 5 years old too. Sometimes when I go out to shoot, he brings his plastic camera and askes if he can use mine. lol

we (im 39) had only the analog way.
and believe me we (older) are so happy when younger than us find the way to the analog photographie.
Anyway, enjoy the site and it's refreshing to have a 17 yr. old interested in film.
Thank you, I'm glad to be here. I think I've finally found a site whose members accepted my youth.