I think a few of those photos are great.
His dedication to creating his style of art is what is truly inspiring, though
Art is nothing more than inspiration

Plenty of people on the internet talk a good game and probably take some photos of which some are surely pretty fair
Plenty are definitely rubbish
Only a few are likely truly great

People take dianas out and shoot
This guy has an even worse -possibly- camera
and the rest of his equipment might not be any better
This guy probably really enjoys what he's doing
Give someone here his equipment and they wouldn't allow themselves to be seen in public let alone let their work with such a camera
he's producing art on a daily basis with it
good or bad art
art the same

He's living in a time warp
more photographic inventor than consumer
and that's really neat, to me
He represents the First Photographer. Caveman walking around with garbage in his hands clubbing cavewomen over the head (with camera) and somehow makes magic with it back in the darkness of his cave

Pervert? Like there are any guys here who have never taken a photo of a chick before. please.
Seen one seem them all, right?
If you take one photo of a girl solely because she is a chick you're the same as this dude. period.

how many "nude female forms" do we see? please.

he photographs life
life is a bit "perverted"