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After doing a little research, it sounds like nothing more than a sickening story of manipulation and greed, by the charlatans that "discovered" Tichy. The found this manipulable old character with his pervy photos, scooped the photos up for a few bucks, and promoted him as the next big thing, so the photos could be sold for big money.
This seems to be the case with more than a bit of what is sometimes presented as "outsider" art. Of which this seems to be a classic example. And why shouldn't a pervy homeless stalker with a homemade camera get a gallery showing? Makes as much sense as anything else. The thing I like about this sort of art is that unlike a lot of "real" contemporary art, when it works it's like getting a glimpse right into the inside of someone else's head, in a direct, unedited way. Which can be disturbing and weird, because it works against the conscious control we normally try to exhibit in our daily lives.

So yeah, he's a pervy homeless stalker, but the pictures are still cool.