Hi all, i've just joined this terrific forum and i'm pretty overwhelmed with the amount of information on here.

I've just recently got into film photography after a short experience with it at school where i learnt to develop film and make prints etc (about 8 years ago now).
I didnt touch a camera for years until i got a DSLR a couple of years ago that re-ignited my interest in photography. I had alot of fun with it, and i liked most of the results i got out of it, but found myself becoming more interested in older cameras, and the distinct look and advantages that film can offer (well in my opinion anyway).

I dont know why i begun to like older cameras, but i just did, and found myself buying an Olympus OM2n last year. Since then i've been hooked. I now have way too many OM bodies (6 now), and for some silly reason i keep looking for more. I just love using them.
Earlier this year i discovered the workd of rangefinders and that opened up a whole new range of cameras for me to spend too much money on. I started off slow with an Olympus Trip i bough for 1 cent off ebay (i know they're not technically rangefinders), i then bought a couple more for a few dolalrs, and the floodagtes opened. I now have two Olympus SP's (a black one and a silver one), a Canon P, and too many others that i dont even want to think about right now. Most recently i bought a Bessa R3A and have been using that for most of my photography, im very happy with it.
A couple of months ago i made a mistake however. A friend of mine lent me his RB67 and im afraid that i've fallen in love with medium format. I keep trying to convince myself not to get a Pentax 67 and a TLR (for some 6x6 action), but i dont know how long i can hold out.

I started uploading some of my shots to my website and flickr, but my scanner has now died. I think i need to make that a priority before spending any more money on cameras. I'll see how i go.
Anyway, enough rambling form me. I hope to learn alot on here and hope i can one day offer some advice or information in return.